Haven’t updated in a few days.

However, still eating healthy. Still exercising. Right now I’m already down 8 pounds. Yay!

Day 6 recap.

So today I didn’t really plan on working out too hard, my schedule was so full so I just planned on going for a run after my day was over. Turned out my plans were cancelled so I did the usual 65 min of cardio and then some weights. Then, as usual I sat in the steam room soaking up how awesome I am. 

I ate quite a bit today though. Dang it!! 

Breakfast - usual protein smoothie with soy milk blah blah blah…only this time I put bananas into it.

Lunch - Poached egg, tuna, tomato.

Snack - Gluten free tortilla wrap with avocado.

Dinner - Gluten free tortilla wrap with forbidden rice, avocado and a little bit of chicken.

I need to catch up on my water intake. Like now.

Tomorrow I plan on FINALLY hiking up devil’s rest…it’s going to be a great solo day. =)